Hey everybody! We have an awesome update to share with you! πŸ™‚

Fan Expo Dallas 2018

The first piece of good news is that we have printed the first batches of the Vindicated Comic as well as some merchandise like Vindicated T-shirts and we took all of that to the great Fan Expo Dallas 2018!

For those who don’t know Fan Expo Dallas here is a quick piece of info from Wikipedia: “Fan Expo Dallas is a three-day speculative fiction, (including comic books and gaming) fan convention now held annually in the Dallas, Texas, area. Fan Expo Dallas focuses on comic book artists, writers, and publishers. These events usually also feature question and answer sessions, a large dealers room, and a number of comics and media guests signing autographs.”

Eliza’s Visit πŸ™‚

And so the next awesome piece of good news is ELIZA was there! And she held the Vindicated Comic and signed it! Here is Eliza with our Enigmatic Dreamers BFF and IT Extraordinaire Nate with The Vindicated Comic and wearing one of the Vindicated T-shirts.

Eliza and Nate at Fan Expo Dallas 2018


And here the picture with Eliza’s signature:

Hope you guys enjoyed this update – stay tuned for more info to come.