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We are expanding the Vindicated Comic Vol.1 – “The Prologue” with more pages to make it even more awesome and pre-orders will be open as soon as possible!
The comic will be shipped around Q3 2018.

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About #VindicatedComic

Vindicated Comic “The Prologue” is the story of Dian (Alycia Debnam-Carey) a woman who lost everything 5 years ago and now is ready to take down the people who tried to destroy her and Riley (Eliza Taylor) a strong and determined woman who will do everything to clean Dian´s name.

#VindicatedComic is full of action, drama, love and revenge, brought to you by The Enigmatic Dreamer.

Shipping Timing & Information

We are planning to ship the comic to all pre-order customers in Q3 2018.

The shipping from us to customers is expected to take 2 days to 10 days depending on which part of the world the customer is located in. We do ship to nearly 200 countries worldwide but we also reserve the right to return the money to the customer and cancel the order if our shipping company cannot ship to a specific location.

To keep customer costs to minimum we are using standard shipping where tracking is not available. Our shipping partner has assured us that in vast majority of cases there are no problems to use standard shipping and thus no need to waste extra money for tracking.

Return/Refund Information

As the comic is very low priced at $3.50 we do not accept returns/refunds.
(as shipping it back already costs more than the comic)
Thanks for understanding.



Please note that a portion of the #VindicatedComic profits from the sale of this comic (as well as merchandise) will go to different charities in Eliza Taylor’s and Alycia Debnam-Carey’s name.

Dian’s Confession (Pre-Comic SERIES)

You can also read 100% free Dian’s Confession to get a taste which we posted on our blog: Dian’s Confession (Pre-Comic SERIES)


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