Comics Shipped 🙂

The Enigmatic Dreamer & the Vindicated Team are very happy to announce that we have shipped the special edition of Vindicated Comic Vol.1 – “The Prologue” to all our Pre-Order customers! (see picture below)

This naturally includes the enlargement of the Comic which we communicated we were working on, so you will be receiving the larger size of 22 pages!

Special Edition + Extra Gift

This special edition is unique in that it is specifically created the original inspiration of a distinct style: Black & White with Splashes of Color. We are proud to have shipped it to our Pre-Order customers together with an extra gift as a gesture of thanks for your patience and loyalty 🙂

Vindicated Comic Vol.1 – “The Prologue” – picture of comics received from the printer:

All the following publications of the Vindicated Comic are going to be in full color (this also includes all the next prints / publications of the Vol.1 – “The Prologue”).

Christmas + New Orders

The Vindicated Team worked hard to be able to ship out the first wave of Comics before Christmas. We are very happy we met our target and sent all the packages.

We are currently making all the final preparations and will open up new orders very soon so that everyone in the World will be able to order Vindicated Comic Vol.1 – “The Prologue”. Please stay tuned to our website and/or our social pages (e.g. Twitter) to see the announcement / updates.

We also take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Info Note for Pre-Order Customers

We also want to inform you that in the 1st wave of the Comic we have shipped to you there is 1 spelling mistake in 1 word. We are getting a 2nd 100% correct copy printed but we have already shipped you the Comic because we did not want you to wait any longer.

We are going to send you a 2nd copy for free! because we want you to have the perfect copy and express our gratitude that you were the first ones to order our Comic 🙂

And, furthermore, as mentioned, we have already included an extra gift inside our shipment that is already coming to you.