Does setting up a school and helping children learn and prosper sound good to you? Well, 2 years ago Eliza and Claire have done just that by setting up a Not for Profit School and helping children who were forced to travel far away to get to school. What is also important is that this initiative helped families to stay together!

The Campaign for School’s Land

2 years down the road, in February 2017, Eliza and Claire setup a fundraising campaign for the school with the hopes to raise $100,000 to pay for the land which the school was renting. The land was being sold and the school could not afford to move. The campaign raised a whooping $140,865 of the $100,000 goal which is really amazing! (Raised by 882 people in 10 months)

You can read about this campaign on its page:

Here is a collage I prepared from the pics, Eliza with the kids 🙂

Ongoing Work & Support by Vindicated

Helping the school is an ongoing work. To run properly the school needs equipment, proper class rooms, new books, etc, and even things that a lot of people take for granted – proper toilets. And Vindicated is proud to always give a portion of any and all of its profits to charity chosen by Eliza and Alycia so there is a pretty good chance that Vindicated will help to support this school.

Koh Tao International Primary School

Check out these wonderful pictures of the Koh Tao International Primary School:

and this last one is a group picture from the campaign: