Hi everyone, I created a personalized version of one of my games for Alycia & Eliza and I want to share it with you here so you can play it and have fun 🙂
If you play from a mobile device turn on the Auto Shooting by clicking on the target; other details below.

Alycia Debnam-Carey & Eliza Taylor Game – PLAY



This game is the personalized version of the COSMOS’s Fantasy Shooter which is on the DolyGames gaming portal made by me, DOLY a.k.a. COSMOS and I also prepare custom made versions of my games like this one as a gift for people which you can check out on my gifts site.

The game can be played normally from any device. Mobile players should turn on the Auto Shooting and use touch to move around. Otherwise the game is best played on a computer by shooting with space and moving around with arrow keys or WASD keys.

See to what level you can reach 🙂
On the top left you can see your life and score and the current level with a little energy ball moving to get to the next level of difficulty.

You can play the game as either Alycia or Eliza – there is no technical difference between the two, but I have personalized their characters and their “bullets” to match their personalities 🙂