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Vindicated Comic Series


Introducing our new comic book series “Vindicated” for all of you full of action, drama, love and revenge. Written by inolvidable23 and from the mind of The Enigmatic Dreamer. More information soon! #ElizaTaylor #AlyciaDebnamCarey


Vindicated is the story of Dian (Alycia Debnam-Carey) a woman who lost everything 5 years ago and is now ready to take down the people who were responsible. Riley (Eliza Taylor) a strong and determined Detective along with her team who will stop at nothing to clean Dian´s name.


1) Share this unique story with people around the world.
2) Offer choice (color / B&W) & merchandise to fans.
2) Direct a portion of any profits to charities who need regular monthly support once everything is running smoothly.


A portion of the profits from the sale of this comic will be donated to various charities in Alycia Debnam-Carey´s and Eliza Taylor´s name.


Vindicated Comic Series is in dedication to and with love and respect for Alycia Debnam-Carey and Eliza Taylor! 🙂


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Popular Q&A

See frequently asked questions and answers below and otherwise feel free to send us a message via the contact form below.

How did Vindicated project come to be?

Believe it or not, it all started with an unfortunate accident. One day The Enigmatic Dreamer fell down the stairs and got hurt damaging ligaments & muscles in the legs/knees. Bedridden, reading fanfiction there was a strong feeling of wanting to read something unique, something different and having Alycia & Eliza in a different kind of role. And this was the beginning of the birth of Vindicated and collaboration of people from all around the world with a lot of thought and heart placed into Alycia and Eliza’s characters and Vindicated.

Why the dedication to Alycia and Eliza?

Apart from being big fans of Alycia & Eliza because they are amazing actors we also especially, love them because they are amazing human beings/people humble and gracious. We also respect, appreciate and love (and plan to support via the success of Vindicated) as many of their humanitarian projects trying to help people and make this world a better place.

What is Vindicated's main objective?

The Enigmatic Dreamer has funded this project because of a passionate belief in it and wants to share this unique story & experience with people around the world. Vindicated’s objective is also to manage to distribute a portion of the profits to different charities who have ongoing costs and need regular monthly support rather than a one-off payment. The fans will have the ability to order the comic in color and the prologue which will be black and white with splashes of color in a sin city fashion in black & white in both physical and yet to be determined date digital format. Furthermore, there will be great merchandise for people to enjoy including limited edition products.

When will the comic become available?

The expected first shipping timing for Vol.1 is around 20th of May 2018.
Please refer to the Pre-Order page HERE.

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Feel free to ask any questions or make any product / merchandise requests or send any feedback.You can email us on info@vindicatedcomic.com or send your message using the Contact Form below:

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